A Pandemic Isn’t a Reason to Abolish the SAT

On account of the danger presented by the coronavirus pandemic, the College Board, which regulates the SAT and Advanced Placement tests, has dropped spring and summer testing and raised the chance of offering SATs online in the fall.

The ACT is thinking about a comparative methodology. Accordingly, in the course of the most recent half a month various schools and colleges, including Tulane, Swarthmore, the University of Washington and the University of California framework, have reported that they will no longer require the SAT or ACT for 2021 candidates. Different establishments, including Tufts, state they intend to have “test discretionary” strategies for in any event three years.

These choices are being made with regards to prompt worries about understudy security. Be that as it may, they are additionally part of a bigger discussion around government sanctioned testing, drove by both understudy and grown-up training activists who question the degree to which these tests are prescient of school achievement. Reality, these pundits state, is that government sanctioned tests are only a proportion of riches, prep and social capital.

In 2017, the International Association for College Admission Counseling, which speaks to almost 3,000 school advisors, said it had lost trust in the College Board and the ACT. Also, an article in March in The Washington Post asked, “Is it at last time to dispose of the SAT and ACT school confirmations tests?”


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